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30 Day Fitness Challenge starts January 28th

By Billy Trette | In Blog | on January 7, 2014

The 30 day fitness challenge allows you and other TC members to set a fitness goal for the New Year! The challenge starts January 28th and ends February 28th. The challenge is to take 30 classes in 30 days. In the past, we have only used yoga for the challenge, this time around all TC classes will be accepted. Not only will we include ALL our classes in the challenge but there will be a nutrition aspect as well. Training Camp has teamed up with a nutritionist named Nikki. Nikki will setup dietary guidelines for each participant in the challenge to make results more beneficial. In order to keep everyone motivated and accountable throughout the month each contestant will keep track of workouts by tally marking a board at TC and a diet journal will be used to keep track of your eating habits. A informational meeting will kick off the challenge which begins with an initial weigh-in, hand out journals and you will meet everyone involved in the challenge. The challenge is free to all TC members. We want YOU to see changes in your body, dietary habits and lifestyle by doing this challenge! Join the TC team for this exciting and fun challenge.

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