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The Training Camp barre program is a unique workout developed by the TC team. The class starts off with about 15 minutes of cardio/warm up. Then class goes into leg, thigh and seat work. Your core/abs are always engaged and emphasized. Small weights are used to help tone the shoulders, arms and back The Barre workout is a great workout for all ages and fitness levels. The goal of the barre program is to build strength by toning and lifting small isometric muscles. During the barre you will feel areas of your body you did not know exsisted. The excercises are based upon yoga, pilates and ballet movements. The main focus is the hips, thighs, glutes and abs. Barre is the perfect compliment to your yoga and bootcamp workouts. Each class has upbeat music and is one hour in length. The purpose of the class is to LIFT AND TONE! Non-heated but warm. Classes are for beginners to advanced students. Join the Training Camp team for a great workout.

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