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Hot yoga heals, detoxifies and exhilarates the body & mind. No matter your age, strength or flexibility level, we are here to guide you through your practice.

The journey begins by understanding and realizing your needs and goals. For those who are new to yoga, begin by finding an instructor or class that connects with you. We offer beginner yoga classes (hot yoga flow 1 or hot power fusion) and advanced classes.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

The benefits of hot yoga are endless. De-stress/relaxation, improves core strength, weight loss, curbs anxiety/depression, improves posture, aids in proper digestion, decreases headaches and more!

Hot Yoga Tips

  • HYDRATE: Drink plenty of water prior to class. At least 1 – 2L throughout the day is best.
  • EAT: Eat one to two hours before class. Do not eat any heavy food an hour before class.
  • RESPECT: We want you to have fun & bring/make/see friends in class. Once you are in the yoga room, however, please be silent. Enjoy this time to clear your mind and get the maximal benefit from your practice. Tell your teacher beforehand if you have to leave early, and do so PRIOR to the final relaxation (= Shivasana). No cellphones in class, please; we offer lockers and “cubbies” for your shoes and belongings.
  • CAUTION: If you ever feel nauseous, dizzy, or tired during class, this is common! Simply lie down or move into “child’s pose” on your mat and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the heat.

Class Descriptions

Hot Power Fusion
A beginner friendly, all level, heated class. It is a combination of balancing, power yoga and the original hot yoga 26 series. Specific instruction and modifications are given for each posture so that yogis can progress their individual practice accordingly. (Heated, 60 minutes)

Yoga Flow 1
Ideally designed for beginners but it is also an all levels class.The heated environment will work to heal, detoxify and exhilarate both the mind and body through different postures that link together. The breathe is always the emphasis of the class.

Yoga flow 2
This peaceful yet challenging class will encourage you to surpass your limits while flowing through detoxifying asanas. A level 2 flow is a great class for students who are ready to take the next step in their yoga journey. This intense class will emphasize breathe, balance, and alignment. Inversions and hands on adjustments may be utilized at the teacher’s discretion to help explore a deeper practice. If you would not like adjustments please let the instructor know.

Yoga Sculpt
Yoga class with weights! This class is a total body workout designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group. Free weights serve as your own personal adjuster as you move through the sun salutations and other yoga postures

Hot Detox Flow
A beginner to advanced practice. The class will go through the Sun A and Sun B vinyasa flow warm-up. Then the class will be guided through the first series of the ashtanga series. You will synchronize your breathe with the movements and you will develop an internal heat. This class is ideal for those who seek a good balance between strength and flexibility.

Dynamic Power Flow
Guaranteed to get your heart rate up! Strength based – cardio infused power yoga. Moving body and mind to your personal best. You will be encouraged and motivated by instructors to reach your potential as we flow through class to a range of rock and current upbeat tunes! Recommended for level 2 – based on knowledge of poses.

Body Sculpt
Body Sculpt is an original class to the Training Camp! The class involves dance movements with a combination of fast paced aerobic exercises. There’s nothing more fun than an up-beat high energy class! A good time is guaranteed! You will use weights and it is heated to about 100 degrees.

Mat Pilates ***** This class is included in both yoga and barre membership *****
Take your Pilates to the mat! Our Pilates mat class starts with about 10 to 15 minutes of cardio exercises. After you are warmed up you will go through a series of leg and core exercises. Small weights are used to help tone the arms, shoulders and back muscles. Each workout is different and unique.

Piyo Fusion ***** This class is included in both yoga and barre membership *****
Get ready to sweat!  A unique blend of yoga and pilates. This class is designed to strengthen, lengthen and energize the entire body. The focus is going to on the breath, balance and movement. The class will compliment your regular yoga practice while pushing your strength and flexibility to new lengths.